Twice – Signal Review

Twice comeback after not so long ago lol. This was different and interesting but still had the Twice vibe to it.

Intro: This part was a bit odd, seeing that they started with a “rap” rather than singing unlike their usual title tracks. However, it’s not bad. It’s quite a catchy beginning but a bit too repetitive. [Overall: 6.5/10]

1st Verse: The intro rap continued a bit more onto the first verse before the singing, which i found a bit too repetitive. It’s good for an intro to engage the audience but didn’t need to be that repetitive before it even got to the chorus. Overall, the rap was a bit too elongated but it flowed nicely into the verse. [Overall: 7/10]

Hook: I like the interesting plucking sound with this part even though it felt a bit disconnected with the verse. The melody sounded very nice though and the voices suited perfectly. It wasn’t a big build-up but it was good. [Overall: 8.5/10]

Chorus: This part sounds much like a Twice song but less “energetic”, yet still cute. It’s a bit too soothing and disconnected with the verse but it matched the hook well. The instrumental part blended nicely without overpowering the voices. It was a good chorus but not a powerful one that would get much attention. [Overall: 8/10]

2nd Verse: Back to the repetitive part, but shortened this time. I wish they did the same for the first verse and went into the singing part quicker too. It flows much nicer this way. [Overall: 8.5/10]

Bridge: Cute. I like how they repeated the main words from the chorus and they didn’t try to do anything different here that would disconnect the song. Overall, it felt short. A rap part followed by the chorus would make this even better. [Overall: 7.5/10]

Ending: Very quick ending. The chorus should’ve been repeated once more after that rap. Not sure why the intro was so long but the ending was so abrupt and random. Felt like parts were missing in this song and some parts should’ve been shorter. [Overall: 6/10]

Overall, this song wasn’t a huge comeback for Twice but i like how it was slightly different from their previous. I liked how every member got a good amount of lines, and this is probably their most fairest distribution ever but also not their biggest comeback.

Rating of lines: 9/10

Flow of song: 7.5/10

Music Video suitable for song: 8/10

My rating for overall song: 7.5/10


Winner – Really Really Review

Winner finally made a comeback after the departure of my favourite member, Taehyun. Nevertheless, they came back strong and their music is still as good as before or better! This song takes on the EDM style without losing their image.

Intro: So I wasn’t into the song as much based on the intro because it sounded like any other modernized K-pop song using the EDM effects, but it kept my attention when it played a clip of the chorus. [Overall: 7.5/10]

1st Verse: Nice, smooth beginning. I like how it started with singing rather than rap. It flowed really well from the intro. It’s not too in your face but not too much to grab attention either. It was nice and simple and fits the background instruments perfectly. [Overall: 8/10]

Hook: This part sounded so good, especially with the raspy voice! This grabbed my attention with the power and emotion put into this part. The singing and instruments both mixed very well together, without one overpowering the other. This part is a great build-up towards the chorus. [Overall: 10/10]

Chorus:  Very catchy but also an expected chorus based on the type of song. You’d expect the instruments to be prominent but it didn’t, instead they repeated the title in English (typical k-pop song) to grab attention and it sure did. This is the main focus of the song and they did a fantastic job on it with the catchy chorus that isn’t too overbearing. Also love how they made it a Caribbean kind of style, if only the MV showed some colours to match this lol. [Overall: 9/10]

2nd Verse: Here comes the rappers! It would’ve been nice to hear an instrumental break before the rap but this flowed nicely as well. I like how it started with a singing rap before it moved onto a full-on rap, because this transition is much better from the chorus than a full-on rap. [Overall: 7.5/10]

2nd Hook: Similar to the first except it extended the last part of the hook before the drop which isn’t my favourite this to do. I’d prefer it to end in a pause like the first hook but of course second hooks usually have some differences than the first so this works too. [Overall: 8/10]

Bridge: Interesting breakdown. I like the call-and-response effect at the start but it started sounding like it was part of a different song. It’s unique and surprising though so i’ll give it that. [Overall: 7/10]

Ending: Yes! Love the use of ad libs in the final chorus and it’s great that it didn’t just end abruptly, but instead they surprise you with a few added/extra lines to slow down the song before ending. This made the ending flowed much better. [Overall: 9.5/10]

Overall, this song wouldn’t have been my favourite upon first listening to it but it grew on me. It’s hard to get the chorus out of your head once you’ve gotten to the chorus. I think it’s a strong comeback and hopefully they can continue making more songs like this.

Rating of lines: 10/10

Flow of song: 8/10

Music Video suitable for song: 7.5/10

My rating for overall song: 8/10

K.A.R.D – Rumours Review

Recent comeback song from K.A.R.D! Not too different than what i expected since they’re keeping the theme of their music, but i wish it would have some variations compared to their other songs. But i did like that the males sing as well:)

Intro: A nice slower type of intro compared to “Oh NaNa” showing the sadness of this song. They also seem to be keeping the theme of the synthesizers which shows K.A.R.D’s colours when it comes to the type of genres they do. Nothing special about this intro, although it doesn’t rail you in, the part “You for real” does. It makes you wonder the story behind this song, so good job! [Overall: 8/10]

1st Verse: Good flow, since the beat continued from the intro. Although it’s the slow and quite a sleepy verse, it’s now sung by the rappers/males! We seen two K.A.R.D songs that begins with the female vocalists and male rappers, but this song really shows the guys can do more than just rapping. This part was probably a surprise to K.A.R.D listeners since we’d expect the female vocalists to sing, but this was a great surprise. Overall, the verse was good but not amazing. [Overall: 8.5/10]

Hook: I love how it transitions into this part. The voice sounds so manly, it really gives the song feelings. I like how the male voice just continues but makes you wonder what part do the females get if the guys can do all the rapping and singing? lol. I wouldn’t have mind if this song was given to just the guys. [Overall: 9.5/10]

Chorus: Finally, somin! It’s great that the rhythm remains. Not only that, this is actually quite catchy. Not only she sing the chorus, as usual but the male voice is included in the singing as well. The ending of this chorus just mixes so well! The beat drops into a nice reggaeton style. Again, many Western/African influences in their music without taking a away that this is a K-pop song and needs that catchy beat as well. I have no complaints with this chorus, i repeat this part so much! [Overall: 10/10]

2nd Verse:  A repeat of the first verse, nothing special, the only alteration is Jiwoo’s background echoes. This may indicate that her part is coming up too. [Overall: 8.5/10]

2nd Hook: This changes from the first hook as Jiwoo is singing it instead. Oddly i don’t find this transition weird. I love how there is a transition between chest and head voice with this part compared to the first hook. The falsetto differentiates this from the 2nd hook. These little surprises makes the song that different, without sounding disconnected. [Overall: 9.5/10]

Bridge:  The drop was surprising but not sure if i preferred that. I think if the dance beat continued again before it dropped would have connected it better. Nevertheless, this bridge continues the flow of the song and the sadness. Although it’s a short singing bridge, the rap surprised me. It flowed well right into the rap part and it just builds up back to the final chorus. [Overall: 9/10]

Overall, this song was amazing, for those who like this kind of music. They don’t have much variety with their use of synthesizers but i like how they changed it up by allowing the males have a major role in the song. I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to this group, or their songs. Every song just becomes so addicting!

Rating of lines: 10/10

Flow of song: 9/10

Music Video suitable for song: 9/10

My rating for overall song: 9/10

K.A.R.D – Oh NaNa Song Review

This new group from DSP, if nobody’s heard of them, they’re amazing! Their music attracts many Western audience with its modern, hip-hop, R&B vibe and did i mention it’s a Co-ed group? I was going to get straight into their recent comeback, but this still remains one of my favourite K-pop songs so far so i had to review it!

Intro: Instantly interested in them. This is my jam! The instruments, or synthesizers really rail you in and keeps you interested in how the rest of the song would play out. The sound may sound generic in the Western world, but not as much in K-pop so it’s nice the group is going for this kind of vibe. [Overall: 9/10]

1st Verse:  Although this kind of music incorporates heavy autotune, i didn’t mind how it was used at all. The autotune didn’t make her voice sound cringy and her (somin’s voice) really blended well with the instruments. Next, Jiwoo comes in and increases the tempo of the melody with her part, and this is where the build up comes in. Although this verse seems long, it really flows well together and it’s nice they didn’t repeat Somin’s part twice. [Overall: 9/10]

Hook:  This rap started off a bit slow, coming from the build up of Jiwoo’s part but it ended well. This was a nice build up to the chorus [Overall: 8/10]

Chorus: The best part of the song! I have no complaints, except maybe the lyrics. Although i don’t understand Korean, the Oh Nana was a bit too repetitive, but that’s also what gets you hooked. I was watching how it flowed with the dance and i think i love the song a lot more after watching the dance with the “Oh Nana” parts. Next, the dance beat suits the song to a tee! It’s that good! I couldn’t have picked a better beat to suit this chorus. [Overall: 10/10]

2nd Verse: A repeat of the first verse with different lyrics. It’s good that the rhythm and song flows throughout, and it doesn’t randomly changes to a different song after the chorus. [Overall: 9/10]

Hook: Different rap! I prefer this rapping over the first one because the rhythm suits the flow of the song a lot better. Maybe i’m just picky, but this rapping also sounds more passionate and it sounds so great with the rest of the song! [Overall 9.5/10]

Bridge: This took a 180 turn as the song slows down and Youngji (a former Kara member) joins in. At first, people says they got recognition because of Youngji, but i think they’d get popular even with the song itself. It’s great how they incorporated her into this part though, because her soft voice really fits this part of the song. Although this slow bridge seems a bit off and disconnected with the rest of the song, it ended well with “oh nanana” which led back to the dance beat. [Overall 7.5/10]

Ending: I love how they changed up the chorus into letting the rappers sing the “Oh Nana”. It’s a nice surprise, since this song didn’t have many. I like how it ended so abruptly with just “oh nana” to just finish off the song. If the dance beat were to occur again, it would indicate the song would continue, so this was a great and simple way to finish. [Overall 9.5/10]

Overall, it’s a song i repeat but not too much because it can also be a song that becomes overplayed that you become annoyed of it. I’d love to hear this song at clubs or parties but sadly, K-pop isn’t that dominating yet in Western countries. However, I’m glad they grew success so quickly with this song and i hope they keep it up!

Rating of lines: 9.5/10

Flow of song: 8.5/10

Music Video suitable for song: 9/10

My rating for overall song: 9/10

2PM – My House Song Review

Yay, 2PM’s comeback is finally out! Although not as upbeat as “Go Crazy”, they bring back the mature side with this song. Love the music video, now let’s check out the parts of the song.

Intro: Not sure if the beginning chime and bell is in the actually audio but it really brings that fairytale vibe in it. The music video shows that very well. Then it starts speeding up, so it’s definitely not a ballad. The intro’s pretty unique but also sound pretty generic. I love how they just said one line of the song and stopped there before going to the verse. It makes you jam into the song before it begins. And it flows perfectly into the verse. [Overall: 7.8/10]

1st Verse: I love the echoes in this part, it really makes it less generic and more different. However the verse was very short and it didn’t have a hook and it just led straight into the chorus. I love the production of the voice and the instruments but it was just short and it seemed like there should be something else after this part before going into the chorus. [Overall: 7/10]

Chorus: Of course not every song needs a hook but this just felt a bit short without it. The chorus is good though. It really stands out and its loud enough to tell that it’s a chorus. And the vocals of course are amazing. 2PM always seem to choose the right members to sing a certain part that really fit their voices. Also, the echo was well harmonized and used in this and it’s great that it’s consistent with the first verse. And that transition to the second verse is just so unique and weird, unexpected that they’d make it in a chipmunk voice. [Overall: 8.3/10]

2nd Verse: The verse flowed nicely from the chorus. Of course there’s nothing special about it, but it’s great how there was some singing after it that seemed like a hook but it was present in the 1st verse so it just seems like an addition to this part. This flowed a bit better than the first verse because it was slightly longer and the beat was very cool. [Overall: 7.5/10]

Bridge: Omg I just love how it progressed quickly here! And how they repeated the part twice as well so it’s not too short. Its not a very unique bridge because most songs used this kind of beat and melody in their hooks, but the fast-pace beat really brings it t that climax without using a high note. Because most bridge just fall flat if the climax isn’t huge or have no belt, but here the fast pace beat and how it stopped completely before going back to the chorus doesn’t make it flat and it also a great transition from the chorus and to the chorus. [Overall: 8.5/10]

Ending: I love how most of the instruments just stopped a bit before continuing and as it continues the music progresses louder and bolder with a bit of ad libs and great harmonies makes it a strong ending! Very nicely done [Overall: 9/10]

Overall, it’s not a song I’d listen to everyday but of course 2PM are older and so their music also sound more mature. It really suits their style, I liked it too, and mainly because the MV was enjoyable to watch and the lyrics really suited the song if you think about it. Without the MV the lyrics seemed a bit…cheesy and cocky but if you put it into a fairytale perspective, it makes total sense what it’s talking about. Overall, liked it, not loved it but would probably still be a popular song^^

Rating of lines: 9.5/10

Flow of song: 8/10

Music Video suitable for song: 9.5/10

My rating for overall song: 7.7/10

Kpop Items for Sale [June 2015]

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EXO – “Love Me Right” Repackage Album Review

So it’s finally out! I was waiting for the repackage to do a review on the songs, or I would’ve done it earlier. I have to say this was a terrific album, but cannot surpass how great the Growl album was. I already did Love Me Right and Promise so I’m not going to repeat them here but I will include them for “Overall Album” rating.

2. Tender Love: It seems like they’re trying to make a more old style album. In fact, I feel a bit of SHINee style in this song, which isn’t bad, it suits EXO too but the style is new for EXO but noticeable in SHINee. The instruments are really cool, but I wish the chorus was a bit more interesting, adding some lyrics to “tender love”. The hook is very catchy and really got me interested in the chorus, but I wish the chorus wasn’t so repetitive. the instruments however was amazing. Really has the retro feeling to it. SM is usually very talented with their production of the mixes and how everything comes together. Overall well done!

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8/10

Flow of song: 9.5/10

My rating for overall song: 8/10

3. Call Me Baby: I would’ve done a more thorough review for this but I didn’t have the time then and it was out before I made this account. Anyways, the beginning was interesting, the little raps and then the back and fourth on the verse were nicely done. The instruments are really neat and cool as well. It also doesn’t overpower the melody of vocals of the song. Not much I can say about this, it sounds like a typical kpop song, so it wasn’t like a “huge” unique comeback song but out of all the tracks, this would probably be the best to promote considering how every had a good amount of lines and it was be a nice song to not only jam to but learning the dance as well. One thing that was kind of weird was the backing track of the words “baby” they kept adding in the bridge during the rap. It certainly made it more unique but I think they overdid one too many “baby”.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8.7/10

Flow of song: 9.5/10

My rating for overall song: 8.5/10

4. Transformer: Literally the beginning of the song sounds like something you’d hear in Transformer. In fact, the whole song could be used in that movie or any action movie because it so powerful. There’s no words to explain how cool this song is. It’s really epic, I love how they incorporated the rap nicely in this song. The second verse was a bit short and was kind of boring. They seemed to focus a lot more on the hook of the song and of course the chorus. Those are the two main parts that really keeps you interested in this song. It would’ve been nice to make the verse catchy as well so it keeps the listener more interested rather than wanting to skip to the interesting parts of the song. For sure, everything about the chorus is the best in this song.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 9/10

Flow of song: 8/10

My rating for overall song: 8.3/10

5. What If..: The beginning sounds like the beginning of Mariah Carey’s “Love Story”. It’s not plagiarized but everytime I listen to this, that part reminds me of her song. This is a nice ballad, and you can really hear their emotions singing this too. The vocals and harmony in this song stands out more than the instruments, but there is something about the background that makes you like the song even more. It’s not like the typical ballad you hear, even though the melody makes it sound like it is. This is more of a lullaby or a song i’d listen to before going to sleep than a song regularly, but nothing wrong with that. It shows how well they use their vocals that it’s not too powerful, and more restrain to keep the feeling of this song. I do wish the members had equal lines though, or at least some line.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 9.5/10

Flow of song: 9.5/10

My rating for overall song: 8/10

6. My Answer: I Think it’s nice they put two ballads in the same place on the track, but I think it’s better putting them last because most likely for non-ballad listeners, these songs would get skipped or at least this song will since there’s already another ballad before this. Again, I wouldn’t place it in the middle of the album, but it’s still a really beautiful song. It’s really soulful and Baekhyun’s vocals suits this song very well, and it really stands out in this song. This ballad is more typical than “What if..” so there’s not much to criticize for this song.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8/10

Flow of song: 9.5/10

My rating for overall song: 7.2/10

7. Exodus: The beginning sounds awesome! I think this would be a great song for promotion as well. I’d love to see how this MV would be if they made it into one. The beginning sounds like something creepy and I can imagine a dark setting for this song. The chorus doesn’t suit that well with the rest of the song because it’s more upbeat rather than dark, but the way they sang it gave it that darker feeling such as the harmony and how soft it was sung. The background piano really makes this song flow really well.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8.5/10

Flow of song: 9/10

My rating for overall song: 7.5/10

8. El Dorado: Probably my favourite song on the album, just because the overall mood of the song really suited the lyrics and what this song is about. You can view this song as how the the lyrics are portrayed or the way it represents EXO, like “Angel” or “History”, it shows the EXO from EXO planet trying to fit into earth. Furthermore, the soft beginning and then the powerful chorus really gives it that passion and emotion. Even though it may only be two or three people signing the power notes, the production was well done to make it sound like a larger crowd. This song would also be great to promote because it suits EXO and it really brings back to their debut kind of style. Maybe it’ll be harder to sing live and dance to, but it’ll still be a big hit if it was promoted:) Not saying the song is unique, but its also not those typical mainstream songs like “Call Me Baby”.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8/10

Flow of song: 9.3/10

My rating for overall song: 9.5/10

9. Playboy: Of course this song sounded familiar the minute I listened to it: Jonghyun from SHINee helped compose and write this song! I think it really works for him as a solo song too, too bad it’s not. The style of the song suits Jonghyun more than EXO, but it’s brings a fresh style to EXO. This song is also really enjoyable to listen to and sing to, but I won’t get over that this song is really Jonghyun and not EXO. EXO made it work though with their vocals and the rap. The ending was also pretty cool and funny.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8.5/10

Flow of song: 9.5/10

My rating for overall song: 8/10

10. First Love: What a cute song. Another enjoyable song to listen to even though it’s quite mainstream, I just love hearing their vocals here. I love the way the piano is played, and how soft the other instruments are, not overpowering the vocals and harmony. Not much to criticize for this song. It’s a super cute song, really suits a “love story”, and the title of the song. Even though its probably also meant for fans. I like the distribution of the lines as well, everyone got a fair amount. Not everyone, but the members who don’t get a lot, gets more lines in this song than most of the other tracks on the album. And Kai sang! His line even though he doesn’t bring much emotion into it, suited his voice.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 9/10

Flow of song: 10/10

My rating for overall song: 9/10

11. Hurt: The beginning sounds also very haunted, and creepy. I thought based on the title it’d be a slow ballad or something, but it’s great Lay made it his own style. Yes, Lay composed this song, very proud of him. It really shows his colour and what he can do. Which is an amazing job on piano and production of the song in general. The “You hurt me” part isn’t what I’d choose because it makes it a bit awkward, but overall this song is amazing. The bridge/instrument break was well done and was appropriate for the bridge. Not sure what to criticize for this except that props to Lay for composing this song. It certainly brings a different colour and style to EXO.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8.5/10

Flow of song: 9/10

My rating for overall song: 8.5/10

12. Lady Luck: The beginning of this song though, what was I hearing? Very sexy song, and totally different than what the lyrics say. The beginning was very similar to how “Transformer” was presented. The hook and the chorus is way more dominant than the chorus. However, the second verse really got me with the moans. I knew this song had that sexy kind of feeling but I didn’t know they’d bring that in. Then the bridge was even more surprising to hear. It suits the mood of the song, especially how it’s sung but I thought it would’ve been a more singing bridge. I think after the singing  in the bridge, it could be done without the instrumental but it works fine with it too. Not need to explain further about this song because clearly it shows a mature side of EXO. Nevertheless, the overall song was nicely and the vocals in the chorus was amazing.

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 8.3/10

Flow of song: 8/10

My rating for overall song: 8.6/10

13. Beautiful: Now this song’s mood is also very similar to “Lady Luck”, but more romantic I’d say. The instruments really give it that romantic feeling too, and the soft singing really makes it suitable for all of them to sing. All their vocals blended in with the style of the song well too and no one stood out. If I didn’t know EXO I wouldn’t be able to tell anyone’s voices apart because they blended it in so well with the song. Not much to say about the song, it’s just really lovely to listen to, and something you’d want your boyfriend to sing you lol. This song is beautiful!

Rating of lines [if lines suited their voices]: 9.7/10

Flow of song: 10/10

My rating for overall song: 9/10

I highly recommend people to listen to this album. It may not be their best, but it’s still amazing overall. Of course, if you like a more pop music than hip-hop. But I bet someone will like at least one of the songs.

Overall Album [includes songs,instrument,voices]: 9.2

Rated 10/10: EXO – Promise

As you might have noticed, none of the songs I reviewed were ballads. Ballads being my favourite genre, I decided to do a ballad that’s probably my favourite one ever or one of my favourites. This song has a lot of meanings, but not only that, the arrangement and composing is so perfect. Of course not everything is a 10, but it’s nearly there. And considering that Lay composed it, makes me more impress. Lyrics aside, I will focus on the song itself.

Intro: Not sure about the short pause before the instruments and ad lib, but the orchestra makes it sound that much soulful and beautiful. Short and sweet. [Overall: 9.5/10]

1st Verse: Not sure what more there is to say, it was just lovely to hear the vocals and let the lyrics sink it. The snapping and the absence of the piano makes it a more R&B feeling rather than ballad. So this is quite different compared to most ballads. It’s like a mix of R&B and ballad, I think i would’ve preferred with piano and less R&B feel but it makes Lay stand out more as a composer because most of his songs has this similar beat. Props to him! [Overall: 9.8/10]

Hook: I love this part. The instruments all flowed and mixed well with the lyrics. I love how the vocals was smooth and soft, and then got really intense and brings power to the end that it’s leading to the chorus. And what a great way to do it because it flows perfectly into the chorus and the instruments gradually gets louder as well as the vocals. I’m glad they used the main vocalists for this part as well. [Overall: 10/10]

Chorus: Love love love this! Everything about is just so perfect. Harmonies, the singing, the production with the voices and instruments all mixed superb together! It really brings that intensity and emotion into the chorus and makes the whole song that much stronger when everyone sings. Because if you do watch the lyrics, its like they all sung this from their hearts. A lot of emotion is heard here and the instruments also brings that much emotion out. The production is so well done too. Like I said before, it’s not like a normal ballad with just piano. There’s much more instrumentation used in this that makes it so amazing! What I love is the instruments doesn’t slow down with the singing, it continues at a faster pace. And this really brings out Lay’s style of composing and makes it unique from a regular ballad. [Overall: 10/10]

2nd Verse: The vocal transition was interesting but I think it was nicer to add that in rather than going straight into the rap. It’s also great to mix rapping with ballad. It makes it that much more intense and powerful! Take “Haru Haru” that I reviewed before for example. These types of ballads just mix so well with rap! [Overall: 9.5/10]

Bridge: This part sounded really cool. I love it’s just the orchestra used here. And the harmonies and rounds overlapping each other makes it sound so much more amazing than just a solo line. It’s like each member is giving a message out and sound very choir like. And then we have Chen with that powerful note when it gradually gets to the climax before hitting the chorus again. [Overall: 10/10]

Ending: As expected, the chorus would be repeated. But it’s nice that the instruments aren’t all used, or they’re used differently! The ending for this chorus is different than the ending of the other choruses. The ad libs weren’t overused and not overpowering the chorus. It was there but not overpowering the intensity of the chorus but adds to that! And the “I promise you” is a great addition. I just love how they added it in the end because where the instruments are headed, it seems like something would be missing if they didn’t say those words. [Overall: 10/10]

Rating of lines [If lines suited their voices]: 9.5/10

Flow of song: 10/10 

My rating for overall song: 10/10

EXO – Love Me Right Song Review

I’m just going to do the korean version since this is a “kpop” song review. But before i begin, i do prefer the Chinese version more mainly because of lays rap and him starting the song;)

Intro: First, why is this not full screen? Well I guess i do prefer the white boarder over black. The intro sounds very…old style, like a retro feeling. The little ad libs made it better but wasn’t a big intro like “Growl”, so this somewhat makes me disinterested so it was nice they kept it short. [Overall: 6.5/10]

Verses: Nice slow jam there, but nothing special about it besides how well the vocals and harmony are. I like how it went straight into the rap, but not sure if the rap really stood out or interesting. But I really liked the “na na na na” parts after the singing. The second verse sounded a lot better for some reason. [Overall: 7/10]

1st Hook: Seems pretty absent because it was blended with the verse. If the rap was the hook then it was nothing special. I love the instruments though, it keeps the song more interesting with that old style feel. And of course I know a rap would have to fit into the song somehow for the rappers but it just wasn’t done as well as I hope. [Overall: 6/10]

Chorus: Yes, a powerful and bold chorus! I love this about exo songs. They always have these big and huge choruses. Although this wasn’t their best song chorus and the mv kind of confuses me, they all still fit well together and connect with the rest of the song. And of course, harmony here was well done. [Overall: 8/10]

2nd Hook: I really like this part. I think the rap and the singing after it was amazingly done. It flowed right into the chorus well. And it has that built up leading to it as well. Usually hooks are the same in all song with a small twist, but they made this completely different and nicely done. [Overall: 8/10]

Bridge: I love how all the instruments sound here and the voices are amazing as always. I was waiting for those power notes! And it was nice to hear it here during the climax. [Overall: 7.5/10]

Ending: It may have gotten off into a wondering start like when is this going to get interesting? But ends up really well and keeps you jamming when all those mixes and instruments came together. I love how the instruments all stopped and just became like claps, it really gets you into it. Then when they sing “just love me right”, the trumpets and basically every instrument and harmony was so well done! It was a strong ending and it just wraps up nicely. [Overall: 9/10]

Overall, not my favourite exo comeback but still a strong one. I prefer Call Me Baby, so i think that shouldn’t been out after this one like how last year they had Wolf before Growl and Growl was a bigger hit. I’m not sure if this will be big like last year, but it’s exo, and I hope the dance is just as amazing cause I don’t see it a lot in this music video. The video was so confusing and random but probably has some story that I don’t understand.

Rating of lines: 8.5/10

Flow of song: 9/10

Music Video suitable for song: 7/10

My rating for overall song: 7.8/10

Big Bang – Bang Bang Bang Song Review

So many Big Bang songs coming out this year and I’m not complaining because we haven’t seen them in ages, but I really wish at least one song is really amazing that I’ll keep replaying it. So far, Loser is still my favourite of theirs this year.

Intro: Reminds me a lot of “Good Boy” or just GD style songs. The clapping and the “ohh” made it sound like a song you’d hear at a football game, or at a European club. I really enjoyed this part, keeps me hype. [Overall 9/10]

Verses: This part flowed right from the intro, and the background instruments and all those mixes continue to flow. The singing was short but the rap flowed and suited well. Yet, the instruments makes me more interested in the song than the singing/rapping, but I think that’s what they were aiming for. However, it wasn’t catchy or interesting enough for me to remember how the song goes after listening to the chorus. The chorus is just so different and disconnected that you just forget about the rest of the song. [Overall 7.5/10]

Hook: Again, the background overpowers the singing but the singing continues the flow from the verses which is nicely done but also reminds me of “Fantastic Baby”, where this song is going and how it develops and flows to the chorus. [Overall: 6.5/10]

Chorus: This part! Right here! Reminds me how they dropped “Fantastic Baby” but I even feel like this was even more disconnected than that. It feels like an intro to another song. And the singing was just so crazy, something GD would do of course. The beat is nicely done of course. It’ll make a really nice club song but not sure if I’d listen to this regularly on headphones. It might take a few listens for me to really get the hang of it because of how different this part is. Overall, it’s a good chorus, I just wish it flowed better and connected more and also wasn’t TOO dominant that I’d forget how the rest of the song went and all I knew was “bang bang bang”. I know choruses are important to keep the listener interested and the part you should remember the most, but this was just so different that I’m not sure if I can even remember that this chorus is part of this song. This chorus really makes me happy and keep me jamming though. [Overall: 7/10]

Bridge: This was pretty much absent in the part since no chorus really came after this. This part also reminds me of “Can’t Nobody” by 2NE1, which is not surprising since they are from the same company, so some elements will come from their songs. It was a nice dance break though, and flowed from the chorus nicely [Overall: 7/10]

Ending: Again, this also seems very similar to “Can’t Nobody” based on the flow from the bridge but also parts of the intro came back and kept the flow going again. I guess it does flow better having that rather than the chorus repeated again, but I wouldn’t mind if they ended it with the chorus too since it was mostly the beat and the beat can end the song well, but probably not as powerful as the ending they did here. Overall, I’m not sure what I’d expect with this ending, but it wasn’t a disappointment either. [Overall: 6/10]

Rating of lines: 9/10

Flow of song: 6.5/10

Music Video suitable for song: 8.5/10

My rating for overall song: 7/10